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Air Canada

We hired Todays Janitorial Cleaning Services to deep clean our twenty thousand square feet of carpet and they did a fantastic job... The owner and his crew came in one evening and left the carpets looking and smelling brand new. We have a twenty-hour-a-day operation and part of the deep cleaning had to be started while employees were still on the premises. Those employees kept commenting on how courteous and professional the crew was and how thorough they were in cleaning the carpets... Many employees have sought us out to express their gratitude and pleasure in the work that Juan did and how great the carpets look.

— Dale Johnson, Team Manager Air Canada Call Center US

Immigration and Naturalization Services District Office, Tampa

Mr Gonzalez is easy to contact and he is quick to respond to any janitorial issues. He encourages our input in reference to the upkeep and maintenance of the facility. Since taking over the janitorial duties in 2009 his staff continually go beyond the realm of standard cleaning services and have the building looking better than it has in many years…I have received many e-mails from the immigration staff, commenting on how pleased they are with Juan and his janitorial crew.

— Mr Charles M. Prather, Birchwood Properties